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Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art founded by Grand-master Tadashi Nakamura. Seido Karate embodies the principal of purposeful practice.


Classes always cover basic karate technique and calisthenics (burpees, jumping jacks, etc.) for the whole group. We then break the class into smaller groups for more specialized instruction as determined by both age and belt ranking.

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Classes always cover basic karate technique using both formal and informal applications. Kata (formalized patterns of movement and technique) and calisthenics are also standard components of the classes. Time permitting, we also practice zazen, sitting meditation.

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Jun Shihan Ted Pastrick is a 6th degree black belt who started his Seido Karate training in 1981. He has trained in Japan and New York City’s Seido headquarters (honbu) with Kaicho Nakamura, Seido’s founder. By profession, Jun Shihan Ted is a trained and licensed physical therapist.

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