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Schedule of Classes

General Classes:

Mondays 5-5:45PM

Saturdays 9-9:45am and 10-10:45AM

Class Description:
A typical class starts with the traditional Japanese practice of bowing (rei) while sitting with legs folded underneath in the position known as seiza. Afterwards, students are spread out on the dojo floor and basic technique (kihon waza) is reviewed: hand strikes (tsuki, uchi), foot strikes (geri), blocking technique (uke) and stances (dachi/kamae). Push-ups, burpees, crunches, jumping jacks and a simple stretching routine are always part of classes. After the basics, the large group is divided into smaller groups by age and/or rank (kyu) to practice. Class concludes with the bow out, which is the same as the bow in. Classes last from 45 to 50 minutes.

Small Group Instruction (SGI) Classes:

Every Tuesday, 5-5:45PM.

Class Description:
Each Tuesday a different group of students is invited according to belt rankings. The idea is to give more detailed instruction to a smaller group of students. The first Tuesday of each month is limited to the white and orange belts. The second Tuesday is limited to the blue and yellow belts. The 3rd Tuesday is limited to the green, brown and black belts. The 4th Tuesday is open to students that I select and is often used as a testing class for students who are being graded for promotion to their next rank.

Sparring and Partnered Drills:

Every Wednesday, 5:15-6PM.

Class Description:
You need to have a blue belt or higher ranking to attend (No white or orange belt students allowed.) Senpai Bahman teaches this class and focuses on sparring drills, kata practice and, when time permits, sparring. Protective gear is required to participate in sparring. We sell the gear upon request.

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