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Schedule of Classes

General Classes:

Mondays 7-8:15PM

Thursdays 7-8:15PM

Saturdays 8:15-9AM

Class Description:
Adult classes typically start with the formal bow in (rei) immediately followed by basic or advanced kata review. This is often followed by technique shiai, which is the free form practice of all kicks, hand strikes and movement skills (tai sabaki) without an opponent. Partnered practice comes next, with drills for self-defense patterns and sparring (kumite) patterns involving work with a partner/opponent. Body weight calisthenics and simple, dynamic stretching routines are always part of a class. Free-sparring (Jiyu kumite) is practiced intermittently and with notice provided well in advance of the date so that members bring their protective gear to the dojo. Basics practice (kihon waza) is a part of every class.

Black Belt Review Classes

Mondays 6-7PM

Tuesdays 6-7PM

Thursdays 6-7PM

Class Description:
This class is restricted to black belt students (yudansha). Basic technique, advanced forms, sparring and weapons (bo, jo, sai) practice form the elements of a typical class.

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