The Da Vinci Kata

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci

Learning a kata requires that you go through several stages. First you have to learn the basic pattern and the techniques. Then you have to perfect what you’ve learned. Then you have to deconstruct what you’ve learned and perfected in order to truly understand what the kata is teaching you vis a vis close quarter engagement.

Mastering Stage 1 and Stage 2 kata is challenging enough on its own without adding the ingredient of introspection that comes with Stage 3 kata. Many people prefer to remain in Stages 1 and 2 because, for one reason or another, the introspection of Stage 3 doesn’t appeal to them. There’s nothing wrong with staying in Stage 1 or 2. As they say in Italian, Chi sta bene, non si muove. “If you’re happy where you are, don’t move.”

For those of you who’re interested in entering Stage 3 […]

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A Way Out of the Overload


How do we simplify? There’s a welter of information, advice, techniques, schools and every imaginable video tape available on the market to answer that question for you. In making a selection from this movable feast you’d want to take into account the background and credentials of the person offering you a way out of the overload. That’s assuming you didn’t just throw up your hands in exasperation and walk away from the task entirely.

I recently encountered a credible voice amidst the tumult. Richard Machowicz was a member of the U.S. Navy Seals. Having left the service, he continues to work in the field of personal protection and teaches an intensive workshop in Southern California as he trains to become initiated as a Buddhist monk. That’s a pretty strong curriculum vitae for cutting through the crap, wouldn’t you say?

Richard Machowicz has written a book, “Unleash the Warrior Within”, […]

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