Talent is Over-Rated by Geoff Colvin

The famed chessmaster Capablanca was once asked how many moves ahead he saw when playing a game of chess. His answer? “I see only one move ahead, but it is ALWAYS the right move.”
Such confidence! How did he get it? Cognitive scientists and neurologists have long been fascinated with the neural component of peak performance. Professional coaches and athletes have followed pied-pipers galore in search of that millisecond edge over the competition.

Geoff Colvin’s book, Talent is Overrated, culls the latest scientific research into peak performance and finds that your grandfather or grandmother were right. It turns out that the way to Carnegie Hall does indeed run directly through Practice. Colvin’s contribution to the growing list of popular non-fiction books treating this issue is his ability to clearly articulate exactly what kind of practice is needed in order to become a high-quality performer in your chosen field.

If you want to get […]

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